IMOC 2017

Did you register for a master class?

1. Access the Masterclass or Course page.

2. On the right in the PARTECIPA area, select the number of entries you intend to make and click BOOK NOW

3. A page will open to be filled in and sent

4. You will receive the Username and Password by Email to return to the Top Login button

5. Go back to the Top Login, use your credentials and complete the registration by filling out theform below (or downloading the word file to be filled and signed) to be uploaded along with the required attachments.

The secretary will evaluate your requirements and confirm your registration as soon as possible. We invite you to see the Rules. Remember to pay with the Frequency Fee, the Registration Fee of € 30.

You must download the Word form to fill out, sign and send via email to

Download the registration form:

Registration form Chianciano 2017 NUOVO

Download the IMOC Regulation

Regulation Chianciano 2017

Invio ricevuta bonifico

IMOC 2017

Have you booked tickets for a concert?

In your email, you can find valid tickets to enter the event and watch the show. Print them and take them with you on the day of the concert!

Personal Data


Registration Data

It is required to write down all the pieces you intend to play or sing during lessons and at final concert (chamber music, duo with piano, concert with orchestra, repertoire for solo instrument).