Regulation IMOC 2020 – Chianciano Terme (SI)


ATTENDANCE Active students

Active students
They will pay the fee specified on the web page of each masterclass or training course no later than June 20th by also making the hotel reservation from the online form. Masterclass’ fees do not include hotel expenses and the registration fee. Training course’s fees are inclusive of the registration fee and hotel expenses as specified in the relevant web pages.


Ordinary auditors for each masterclass; there are no auditors for the training courses.

Each active student (as a solo or with an ensemble) will have to pay both the registration fee and the attendance fee. Whoever follows more than one course will have to pay the registration fee only once.

Registrations: May 12th – June 20th, 2020


The courses are open to instrumentalists and ensembles from all nations and with no age limit. Masterclasses will be held according to the following schedule and regulations.

Students will be divided into active students and auditors. General rules are fixed for all the classes and particular rules for chamber music courses.

The time and the length of each lesson will be decided by the teacher, according to the class’ requirements.

The students have to indicate on the application form the arriving and leaving date that are scheduled.

The repertoire to be studied will be decided upon with the teachers at the beginning of the course.

At the time of registration (using the space available on the registration form or with an attached paper) student are required to send a curriculum with a photo and the list of pieces they intend to perform with respective scores for the piano accompanists, max 2, (except for the chamber music courses, because the ensemble already includes the pianist, therefore there is no piano accompanist).

Dates held

The courses will be held within the time period indicated for each course. The students are obliged to sign for their daily attendance in the registers. At the end of the Course, a statement of attendance will be released and it will be required to fill up an evaluation survey.

Student concerts

During the course of study various concerts will be organized for students. All students are required to have concert attire.

The best students chosen by the teacher of each masterclass will be rewarded with the participation in a concert of the following winter and/or spring musical seasons of the Centro Studi Musica & Arte.

Chamber Music

The attendance at chamber music course is only allowed to already formed ensembles, but new ensembles can take place on site as well.

Regulations for foreigners’ stay in Italy

For medical assistance, according to international agreements, foreign students coming from the states of the UE are request to bring the TEAM health insurance card.



It is possible to enroll by filling in the form to send by mail at

Subscription will be considered valid only if it is completed in all its part.

Enclosures with admissions request

  1. curriculum vitae;
  2. front and back photocopy of your ID card or passport;
  3. copy of your sheet music for the piano accompanists;
  4. a copy of the transfer certifying the payment.

Each member of an already formed ensemble will be requested to show demand individually, stating the name of the ensemble he/she belongs to.


Bank transfer Made out to

Centro Studi Musica & Arte

Via Pietrapiana 32

50121 Firenze – Italia






IBAN IT31E030 6909606100 000070202


The agreement accords € 50 per day in 4-star hotels including breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks (see details on the website, “Hotel” section, There is a supplement price for single room.

The agreement is extended to accompanying parents.

Hotel reservations have to be made directly by sending the form on the website at the Hotel section, or by sending an email to or or phone no. 0578 63550 / 0578 60603, fax no. 0578 63997.

Names of students staying in the same room or unit have to be shown in the email or in the form.