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Chianciano 2019

Concerts, Opera, Masterclasses and Courses
The best international masters

Concerts, Masterclasses and Training Courses

The most important performers, musicians, teachers of Italian and international scene will hold master classes, concerts and refresher seminars for students and teachers. The IMOC programming includes instrumental courses, both basic level of high specialization, Piano, Harpsichord, Harp, String Quartet, Chamber music with piano, Guitar, Harp, Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello and Baroque cello), Woods (Flute, Ottavino, Recorder and Baroque flute), Opera singing.
Training Courses 6
Masterclasses 16
Concerts 25
Partecipants 250

The event

The IMOC, organized by Centro Studi Musica e Arte of Florence, with the approval and logistical support of the local municipal administration, the collaboration of Istituto Musicale Bonaventura Somma of Chianciano, Terme di Chianciano and the Associazione Albergatori of Chianciano Terme, will take place from 1st July to 25th July 2019. It is addressed to students of any age and level. During the whole period, the musicians – teachers and students – will perform in public concerts.

Why Imoc

The project aims to make the IMOC a reference point for International teaching. The involvement of italian and european teachers will create a cosmopolitan environment of important cultural exchange and a great incentive for the students who will take part in the courses. The different methods of european instrumental “school” will compete to offer a fundamental experience of professional and human growth to the participants: young people of all nationalities and culture will meet in the name of art, peace, coexistence and mutual respect.


The CentroStudi Musica e Arte is an expert in the field of teaching and the musical organization for many years. Based in Florence works with prestigious collaborators and distinguished by the quality and level of completed projects. Accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research it conducts regular teaching activity, recognized by the Region of Tuscany, at all levels, from basic training to the high musical refinement.


The Centro Studi Musica e Arte is committed to helping the most deserving musicians and formations hosting them in their winter concert seasons, also in collaboration with other music associations. The artistic direction of the project is assigned to Stefania Di Blasio.

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